• Cinnabuns

    Auckland's most delicious and gooey cinnabuns. Like the much loved American-style buns, these ones are baked together to form a gooey pull apart, are cascading with our secret cream cheese frosting and then topped up with a heap of roasted nuts.

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  • Ricardo Le Roux ethos

    Taste has the capacity to provoke intense emotions and nostalgia, resulting in a palpable connection between matters of the table and matters of the heart.

  • Story

    Ricardo crossed the oceans and landed on New Zealand shores with high hopes and big dreams that he would one day be able to open a cafe and create a place where people could gather around the table and share the joy of eating and becoming a community.

    His story is one of flavour; a collision of experiences and influences. Influenced by his surroundings, by music, by other's emotions. Influenced by that last sip of cold coffee or the crunch of brown sugar between his fingers. He embraces the beautifully chaotic and experimental nature of cooking.

  • Hill House

    When all of the warmth, flavour, and vivaciousness of Ricardo’s essence melded together with our beautiful local produce, Hill House Cafe was born.

    This is a light hearted dining experience created to delight, indulge and inspire your curiosity.

    So, immerse yourself in the
    atmosphere of Hill House Cafe, it’s travelled a long way to be
    here with you.

    You’re welcome at our table now.


Hill House Cafe is located inside beautiful Pah Homestead.

72 Hillsborough Road, Hillsborough

Auckland 2102